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Wanderlust: a strong desire/impulse to wander and explore the world.

Traveling our way

In the photo above, I'm standing on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and taking a photo of my husband.  I discovered this treasure about a year after our trip, on his GoPro. 

Travel philosophy: I like to settle into a city, walk and live local (as much as possible). Exploring the countryside and avoiding tourist traps... but never skipping a must see like the Mona Lisa.  

  • One of our most talked about memories is when we found ourselves dining in Taksim Square when a riot started. [Istanbul, 2013]
  • We spent the night in Crater Camp after reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro (elev: 18,800). 
  • Have walked on the Great Wall of China, gone swimming off the Amalfi Coast, abseiling the Blue Mountains in Australia, skiing the Matterhorn, and so much more.

Documenting over 50 travel experiences since 2011.