Just before the doorbell rings, I remind myself that no one knows my vision… take a deep breathe and enjoy the evening. I’m an accidental hostess/event planner. I have hosted dozens of dinner parties, from six to 75 guests, often with only hours notice and caring for dietary needs. In the beginning I didn’t have enough dishes to entertain more than ten guests, today my pantry is full of white dishware and wood bowls/platters.

I love reading cookbooks, from cover to cover. Most cookbooks contain a mix of recipes, education, and storytelling. I enjoy getting to know the person behind the book, while trying new recipes… often for the first time on an evening when we are entertaining. So many have asked me to share the menus I create, as well as my kitchen successes and failures - it’s here where I hope to share recipes, reviews, and an occasional author interview.

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