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Tanzania Part Two: Three months until departure

Note: The photo above was taken when we were dropped off, deep into the forest.

Three months before we depart - this has been a high activity week for Africa prep.

You get what you pay for: we are paying for two opportunities to summit, staying one night in the arctic zone (18,500 ft) and our summit hike will take 3-4 hours.  If we are feeling good and the weather is favorable I'm told we can stay up there for a while.  

I'm shocked when I see adverts to reach the summit for $2,000 or less.  I read one blogger's experience were he climbed 4,000 feet to the summit in one day, twelve hours of hiking!  He only spent a few minutes at the top and mentioned how painful the hike was before turning back and starting their descend. 

Update post trek:

  • A friend of mine made it to the day of the summit attempt but had to head down.

  • During our summit push we saw many people with snow blindness. I will never forget one man wobbling with two guides holding him upright.

  • A family that signed up at the last minute made it about half way before turning back.  They were taking a year abroad to see the world.  Buying/renting gear in Tanzania, completely unprepared. 

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