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The Skillful Forager (a book review)

I have fond memories of warm summer days spent outside, as a young girl. Our neighborhood had an abundance of fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and meadows full of honeysuckle and wild berries. I remember knowing who didn’t mind us nibbling from their yards for a midday treat, and who would yell at us.

Rhubarb was always a favorite. At home, my mother would let us dip it into sugar, but while roaming the neighborhood, we encouraged each other to enjoy this sour snack. My friends and I also pulled carrots out of the ground, brushed the dirt off and ate them while hiding in corn stalks. I know the mothers must have been watching us, hopefully with a smile.

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What Katie Ate

I, like many… (I’m making an assumption here), have been influenced by all things “in the kitchen” over the last decade thanks to social media. Remember when Martha Stewart and Food & Wine were our everything? I used to read through magazines, ripping out pages. I have a binder with splatter marked pages - recipes collected over the years.

I’m excited to share this cookbook with you. It’s one of my favorites. The author has won - WON - a James Beard award in food photography, and has been nominated for one in general cooking.

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Oh She Glows Every Day

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is settling into January, life returning to a normal pace. For my family this means travel, registering for school, running, getting ready to move, and… continuing to build/refine my kitchen skills. My thirty-year-old self would be shocked to learn I enjoy cooking so much!

Can I tell you a secret? Just after Christmas I told my family I’m going to give Vegan a try, for the month of January. I know this doesn’t sound like a huge leap since I do not eat eggs or meat… BUT, I love cheese, and I can’t imagine starting my day without a whole milk latte!

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A night with Paula McLain

Hello friends,

It's no secret that I'm an avid reader and enthusiast of the industry. Sadly, I hardly take advantage of living so close to NYC and all of the social events available to me. So....

A few months ago, while watching a movie with my iPad in my lap (catching up on all things social media), I read a post from a friend mentioning that Paula McLain was coming to NYC.  She was publishing a new novel, and I had not been in the city in a few months, so I bought a ticket that night.

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Crafting a Patterned Home: a book review

Hello Friends!

Art and design are my first true loves.  I was practically raised in museums, going to art auctions, and spending hours upon hours in a local design studio that sold fine furniture.  Gabberts was my home away from home, at age ten.  Take a walk through my home and you will find an eclectic mix of high end, local, handmade, and DIY with a sprinkle of IKEA/Target accessories.

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I read SO many wonderful books in 2017

It's a snowy day here in northern New Jersey. My calendar is full of meetings, or I would be curled up on the sofa with a book, or maybe watching a movie with a roaring fire in the fireplace.  Instead I made this Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili over lunch and will take a snowy walk before the sun sets.

I am late sharing my list of favorite books read last year, a list that is too good not share with you.   I'm thrilled to have read so many wonderful books: from historical fiction to time travel, page-turning modern fiction to books set in cemeteries.

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The Hygge Life, a book review

Hello lovely friends,

My family put away our Christmas decorations yesterday, on St Knut's Day.  A day we have been celebrating for about five years.

Our tradition was to keep the tree up until the weekend after New Years Day until a Swedish runner and her family moved in next door.  She introduced me to modern Swedish traditions celebrated in her childhood home. This aspect of our friendship has shaken up the old world traditions that my family observed.  A welcome shake.

Nordic is a region but the people believe in a blend of Viking customs and Christianity. For Swede's, Lagom the daily practice. For the Dane's, Hygge.  Hygge is having its moment!  When asked to review THE HYGGE LIFE, and flipping through the pages, I knew I wanted to read it.  My lifelong passion for design and the recent discovery of cooking made this a great choice.

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18 day countdown: I'm looking for book recommendations

We leave in less than twenty days! I'm busy getting the house ready for guests, preparing food, gathering our trek gear, writing a list of last minute items we need to procure, and most importantly.. finding a few books to bring with me. 

Searching for a great book

I climbed Kilimanjaro with a copy of The Odyssey in my pack.  I didn't even open the book but... I did listen to Rob Lowe's autobiography and a few other books while spending hours on the dirt, back roads of Tanzania (reading wasn't an option). 

For this trek, I am planning to load my iPhone 7 with books, a mix of audio and written.  Have you read any great/must reads worth recommending? 

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ANNA Read-a-long: Part 3

Several of the Manic Mommies are reading Anna Karenina as our 2010 classic read… you need to be committed to read this one (800+ pages)! We are using the Oprah discussion guide to facilitate the discussion. 

I finished reading part 3 last week and I am really enjoying it. I’m pleasantly surprised that this novel is so interesting and keeping my interest piqued. I didn’t expect anything less but I keep hearing people start Anna but do not finish it. I can’t wait to start reading part four, I need to know what happens next!

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