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Malmo Sweden (Nordics Part V)

Malmo is our last stop before starting our journey home.  Overwhelmed with experiences and joy from reconnecting with family, if I can be honest... we are exhausted.

I am in a new city before 9 AM, with hours to explore while Bill has a day of meetings. I haven't found Kardemmome seeds yet so this is first on my list.  You can buy the spice ground in the U.S., but most of the flavor is gone.  I remember my Grandmother baking with Kardemmome pods bought in Sweden (they resemble the vanilla bean), opening the pods to gather seeds for baking. 

After I find a market and buy a year's worth of the spice, I will explore and see as much as I can in about four hours time.

Let's recap the last few days:

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Switzerland & Italy (Nordics Part I)

Hello Friends! 

It's time for my annual spring travel to Vaud Switzerland.  

I prefer to stay in Vevey, oh how I love this sweet village, but business had us staying one village to the west.  Montreux is home to the Jazz Festival and was the host to Bill's week long conference.  I will work and explore before we travel to Sweden for the weekend.

Do you remember last fall, when I has a Julie Andrews moment? The Alps are live...  last fall I took the train to Rochers de Naye.  Enjoyed lunch, visited a botanical garden built into the mountatin, and hiked a bit.  This lovely place is just above Montreux, elevation 2000M.  I enjoyed my time up there so much that I couldn't wait to visit.  Delusions of snowshoeing quickly passed when 2.5 feet of fresh snow fell over night. 

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A Swiss Getaway

I'm back from another extended holiday in Switzerland, and boy did I have a wonderful time exploring new places.

Look closely at this photo - can you see the small lighthouse, with a bench, at the end of the pier? One morning I was sitting on the bench to watch the sunrise over the mountain top and was startled by a naked woman.  She stood up to dress after taking a swim in the lake. I'm not sure who was surprised more, me or the lady swimmer.  When I started walking back I passed the woman, in a sundress, sitting on a blanket, smoking, and talking with a friend.

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A winter holiday: Switzerland & France

Snow, I found snow!  In December we traveled to Vevey, Switzerland for a three week work/holiday. I adore Vevey... the entire area actually.  Vevey sits on Lake Geneva and looks at France.  During the week I work from our hotel residence, leaving weekends to explore.  Our friends often tell us that we experience more than those living in Switzerland.

Blame wanderlust... below a story told in photos.  Today I'm sharing one of my favorite places with you.

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European Adventure Part 1: Montreux

Hello Friends!

How did a trip to Bangkok land us in Budapest? The World Traveler had an speaking engagement/hosting responsibilities at an industry conference that was relocated for political unrest (safety of the guests and their travel companions).

So... with just a few weeks notice, I started researching Budapest.  This is three country trip is a business trip for the World Traveler and a working vacation for me (working lightly to keep up with projects since I'm traveling for three weeks). Before Budapest comes a week in Switzerland. While I adore Vevey, we stayed in Montreux this visit. I was determined to explore Montreux... the markets, shoppes, and winding roads. 

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Switzerland & France (part II)

Bonjour les amis,

Last fall my husband, and I traveled to Hamburg, Germany before heading to Switzerland for a few weeks.  Why Hamburg? A good friend of our calls Hamburg home and wanted a big celebration for her birthday.  We were close and excited to be part of her big day.

Getting away to Bern, Switzerland:We like to explore Switzerland on the weekends. Bern was a must-see for us.  Friday afternoon we took a two-hour train north to the capital city, dropped off our overnight bag at the hotel and rented bikes to explore.

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Switzerland: Montreux Noel

Imagine this, my first run in Switzerland landed me in Noel Village! I thought it was high in the mountain side but it's a boardwalk festival.

This winter gal bundled up for a run along the shoreline in Vevey, running to the end, up to the main road and around the corner I saw a Ferris wheel in the distance.

Once I saw the Ferris Wheel, I had to see if this was 'the' Noel Village.

Stopping to explore the booths, grab lunch (pretzel and hot cocoa) and walk home while listening to an audio book and taking it in... I was in heaven.

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A Swiss Noel

Hello friends,

If you were following us on track my tour, you have seen some of these photos. Now it's time to share the story.

The World Traveler is in Switzerland all the time, but never long enough for me to have a proper visit. When he mentioned having to attend a conference for a week, I jumped on the chance to explore life in Vevey.

We flew into Geneva and took a train for a hour to Vevey, a small village sitting on Lake Geneva.

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Skiing at Matterhorn

 This is my last post from our 'wintery escapades', so it's only fitting to wrap things up with a weekend get-a-way to Zermatt!

Have I mentioned that we don't travel lightly? It's wintertime, so we needed winter boots, gloves, scarfs, hats, jackets, hiking boots, dress attire, workout gear, etc.. for three weeks time.

We had three large trunks, two nap sacks, and my SLR camera + gear.  You can imagine what we look like in transit, our three trunks weighed in at 67 Kilo (148 pounds)...

The village/town of Zermatt is quaint, with more of a winter feel than Noel.  Fireplaces and animal skins to sit on, wintergreen and natural fibers lining the windows.

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Getting lost in Italy

It feels like so long ago, but this delightful Sunday happened just a few weeks ago - the day we took a wrong turn and ended up in France!

I have mentioned this before but if you are planning a trip to Switzerland please note that most of the country is closed on Sunday due to labor laws prohibiting work.

This made for the perfect excuse to borrow a friends car, driving from Vevey to Aosta Valley (Italy) via the Great St Bernard Pass.

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