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Malmo Sweden (Nordics Part V)

Malmo is our last stop before starting our journey home.  Overwhelmed with experiences and joy from reconnecting with family, if I can be honest... we are exhausted.

I am in a new city before 9 AM, with hours to explore while Bill has a day of meetings. I haven't found Kardemmome seeds yet so this is first on my list.  You can buy the spice ground in the U.S., but most of the flavor is gone.  I remember my Grandmother baking with Kardemmome pods bought in Sweden (they resemble the vanilla bean), opening the pods to gather seeds for baking. 

After I find a market and buy a year's worth of the spice, I will explore and see as much as I can in about four hours time.

Let's recap the last few days:

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Vastervik Sweden (Nordics part III)

We have been to Switzerland, Italy, and Stockholm.  Now it's time for a road trip.  Due to a tight travel schedule (this is a business trip for Bill), we are driving from Stockholm to Vastervik and then to Copenhagen. Spending the day seeing Sweden's countryside.

Why add several hours to our road trip, to see Vastervik? Today a summer village for recreation, it was a fishing village in the early 1900's.  A Coastal town in the Archipelago that connects to the Baltic Sea.  My family calls Vastervik home.

Getting There

Packing up our car and getting settled for the two-hour drive, we will stop for lunch and explore in Vastervik.  My cousin, Paulina, was born and raised here.  She has given us a list of places that we hope to see.

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Three Days in Stockholm (Nordics Part II)

After a week in Montreux, we are off to Stockholm. The second of five cities we visited in March.

Getting to the Airport

Seldom making it to post, let me share our hectic travel day. Transport to the airport took double the time. We always take the train, but someone coordinated a car for us - the driver ended up driving on the shoulder for about half of the trip.  Weaving in and out of traffic.  Later we learned this was all due to the Geneva Auto Show.  We arrived at the airport 60 minutes before take off.

After passing through Customs, we are separated getting through Security.  Flying on a partner airline that does not recognize 'travel companion,' Bill was through security in two minutes, waiting.  It would take me at least an hour.  Then I saw several passing the line due to flights boarding, and I followed them (it was worth a try, right?).

I get through security, we rush to the gate and.... my eyes suddenly well with tears. Not for the relief of making it through the last few hours but for seeing a sea of Swedes!

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