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Tales from a Forager's Kitchen

I received this book from a friend a few months ago. A cookbook pulled from the shelves quickly after being published, due to foraging safety concerns. Having read the book, I wonder if it would have remained on bookshelves if it was a memoir — the sharing of family stories as opposed to being sold as a cookbook. The pages are filled with stories, reminding us to press and display leaves, take walks in nature, tips to grow plants, recipes, etc..

Foraging controversy aside, this book is filled with recipes familiar to me. Hunting is a cornerstone of life in Minnesota. Since moving to the east coast, we haven’t had anyone share pheasant or venison with us, fresh maple syrup or a bushel of just picked apples. I don’t know anyone who cans food here.

The stories and recipes in this book are so familiar to me.

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After the party, a recipe

Hello friends,

I want to share one of my favorite go-to recipes with you today.  Simple yet full of flavor, a Creamy Christmas Stew. 

Why a hot stew in summer?

Well... I have a pantry FULL of produce.  A farewell dinner for thirty in our home resulted in a few pounds of potatoes and other vegetables waiting to be eaten. A day later, we cleaned up, and I drove to DC for a professional commitment. A busy week.

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