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Tanzania Part Six: THE Serengeti

Lovely Friends,

To our surprise we bumped into Michael and Camie from Maryland, a couple we met while climbing Kilimanjaro.  We often commiserated about the annoying trekker (farting, and talking about bowel movements for hours on the trail) whom we tried keep distance.

This is my last post from our Africa Adventure.  A lifelong dream of mine, to touch Africa.  Made a bit more exciting when I finished an Ultramarathon and asked my friend Eleanor "what's next"... she said she wanted to climb Kili. Her battle with cancer was long and tough, I will miss her forever.  I wish I would have asked her for a list of five adventures.

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Tanzania Part Five: NgoroNgoro Crater

Lovely Friends,

Have you heard of the Ngorongoro Crater? Located in Tanzania, exploring this magical place was Part III of our Africa Adventure. The crate looks like a painting, an optical allusion.  When you drive into the crater you quickly understand this is a thriving ecosystem. I was awe stuck.

We stayed at the Serena Lodge, and highly recommend this company.  We arrived in Arusha, greeted by a host and our guide, Gregory.  Gregory was our personal guide, driving us on the well know desert roads (they were rough). We spent three days exploring the Crater with picnics and learning so much about this wonderful place.

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Tanzaniza Part Four: From my eyes

I may have traveled to Africa to climb a mountain but what I saw before and after has left me wondering what role fate and karma play in our lives.  How might my life be different if...

Observations from my recent visit to Tanzania: This is important to share before my summit story, most was experienced from the time we landed, to the drive where our adventure would begin.... 

Dust: you can’t escape it! When visiting a country that’s mostly dirt and desert... dry season means windstorms and dust blowing ALL the time. Follow behind a car, not only can you NOT see… you can’t breathe.

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Tanzania Part Three: Kilimanjao, The Summit!

Earlier this week I shared the physical/fitness part to climbing Kilimanjaro, today I'm sharing the experience.

I loved writing this post! Reflecting on my experience, sharing it with you.  There is a photo link at the bottom of this post for those looking for more ~ enjoy!

Setting the stage: We hiked in the dry season, winter.  The high temps around 35 degrees, low 10. We had two VERY windy days.  One long hike day, about seven hours... and summit day.

The higher the elevation, the less oxygen in the air.  Windy days make breathing a challenge, trying to get a full breath AND not take in dust.

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Tanzania Part Two: Three months until departure

Note: The photo above was taken when we were dropped off, deep into the forest.

Three months before we depart - this has been a high activity week for Africa prep.

You get what you pay for: we are paying for two opportunities to summit, staying one night in the arctic zone (18,500 ft) and our summit hike will take 3-4 hours.  If we are feeling good and the weather is favorable I'm told we can stay up there for a while.  

I'm shocked when I see adverts to reach the summit for $2,000 or less.  I read one blogger's experience were he climbed 4,000 feet to the summit in one day, twelve hours of hiking!  He only spent a few minutes at the top and mentioned how painful the hike was before turning back and starting their descend. 

Update post trek:

  • A friend of mine made it to the day of the summit attempt but had to head down.

  • During our summit push we saw many people with snow blindness. I will never forget one man wobbling with two guides holding him upright.

  • A family that signed up at the last minute made it about half way before turning back.  They were taking a year abroad to see the world.  Buying/renting gear in Tanzania, completely unprepared. 

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Tanzania Part One: Kilimanjaro, here we come!

We are climbing Kilimanjaro for Eleanor.  I ran an ultramarathon for her in 2011.  Her race bib, her name on the finishers list a few months before she entered hospice.  When I called her post race I said, "we crossed that dream off the list, what's next?".  Without pause she said, "I want to climb Kilimanjaro."

Eleanor died a few months later.  Kilimanjaro is the last adventure she told me she wanted to accomplish.  We will make it happen. 

Note: the photo above is from day one of our trek.  The start.

This is for you E!

It's six months from our departure. We selected Thomson Safari's for our trek.

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