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Hangzhou & Ningbo China

This is Part IV of our Asian Extravaganza.

Hangzhou is 800 miles south of Beijing, a five hour trip via the Bullet Train.We arrived after the sunset, settling in for just one night.  The photo above was my first view of this city.  I remember looking out our hotel window and thinking the fog rolling over a winter morning was lovely.... then quickly realized pollution was following me. 

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36 Hours in Beijing

Dear Friends,

When I travel with Bill for work we tend to plan a weekend getaway.  This time our getaway had us spending over ten hours in a train, but it was worth every minute.


The Country Manager didn't know I was traveling with Bill and when he realized I explored Shanghai alone... he coordinated hostess for us the rest of the trip.  This was so nice. I was able to walk in Shanghai but Beijing and the other cities required travel/coordination to sightsee.

We packed in a lot over the next 36 hours!

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A week in Shanghai

Lovely Friends,

You might think China is at the top of my must see list but... the pollution scares me enough for it to remain lower on my travel list.  The World Traveler spends a lot of time in Asia and when he asked me to join him for a three-week visit I jumped at the opportunity!

We have many stories behind our Shanghai photos, most not captured on film.  Bill did get to morph into Jason Bourne in a thrilling Shanghai hour; it was quite an experience!

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