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Australia (part two)

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Sydney, and one week in the Blue Mountains.

The World Traveler had a few day trips for work commitments, but I wasn't able to join him (puddle jumpers), so I explored via ferry, hiked, ran.  I loved everything about this place.

Sydney: I would move there in a minute, especially if we were able to live near the quay/Sydney Cove.

Our hotel was right under the bridge, giving us easy access to run across the Harbour Bridge every day, every day! There's a carnival just on the other side (you can't see it in this photo).  I would then cross back, around the cove and past the Opera House, and along the Royal Botanical Gardens on the left side of this photo.

Then I think back to our time there, I remember flying bats, cruise boats, the quay filled with people, and the energy of the city. The outdoor markets on the weekend are divine, VERY talented artists and crafty folk.

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Hello from Sydney!

It's Saturday morning here, in Sydney.  Tomorrow we pack up and move to another location and I can't wait!  We are heading inland to the Blue Mountains and will touch the Outback before returning back to Sydney (and then sadly... home).

Here's a photo from my four hour hike to Manly North Head.  I love hearing the sound of the ocean crashing on the rocks (my sunburn is from this hike, so the sun did eventually appear).

Being here has made me shift my view on food and I am going to attempt to make some dietary changes. More on that later.... but can I tell you how much better everything tastes here?  I can't explain it but the banana's taste amazing.  I will miss the food here and that's a statement coming from me!

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