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A Hundred Day Plan: Project Wildflower

Hello lovely friends,

A few years ago I completed Project Happiness, a 100-day personal challenge based on new experiences. It was a great experience, for me, my family, and for the thousands who keep reading these updates years later (knowing this is like receiving a hug for each of you - xxoo)

If I had to define 2016 with one word it would be 'disruptive.'  The first week of January to June was shadowed by a Union strike at the company in which I work.  For five weeks we dealt with extensive water damage to our home. Mix in sixteen weeks of training for the London Marathon, and late July we welcomed a new addition to our family... an eight-week old puppy!

Calmness is not a word I would use to describe the year yet it's something I try to create.  Memorable yes, serene it was not.

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Happiness: 100 Day Project (Reflections)

2013 has been a good year.  My heart is full as I write this post, my Happiness Project is complete, and I'm leaving for Africa soon.

I'm going to climb a mountain!

What did I learn over these last 100 days? 

-  It takes a bit of effort to be truly happy: creating a happy life vs being happy in the moment. They are two different experiences, both rewarding.

-  What started as a recovery plan after the injury - walking every morning, reading something good for me, and learning to find 'calmness' - has become habit.

-  Happiness has a snowball effect. People around me are acting different, making decisions they wouldn't make if not for me actively instilling this into our life.  

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Happiness Project: 100 day Challenge

Hello friends,

I have learned that you need to make an effort to be truly happy.  Choosing to create a happy life vs being happy in the moment.

Happiness has a snowball effect.

After a few months choosing happy, and putting in the work to make it happen, I'm seeing a shift with family and friends. THEY are changing!  Just last night a friend told me that she told someone "not to spend emotional energy on something they can't control". That's my tagline!

Reducing the daily chaos is tough yet we create 90% of it. Getting too involved in a family/friend matter, the pressure to start a garden from seed, worrying about our finances yet claiming we can't be happy without ____, etc...

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