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I finally ran a Ragnar!

I have been interested in running a Ragnar race for years - unable to overcome the race logistics (12 runners, two vans, drivers, etc..) I accepted that I will likely never experience this race.  If only because I don't know enough people who run. 

That all changed earlier this year when I saw a post on Facebook mentioning that a team needed a runner.  This was my chance!

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Jack's Basket

Hello friends! 

I'm busy catching up from early summer, with a few stories worth sharing.

Last winter, shortly after returning from Nepal, we started talking about a weekend celebration in June.  Our original idea was to visit Cinque Terre.  We would be in Switzerland and add a week to explore Italy.  Sadly, the trip was canceled just weeks later, so we decided to celebrate with friends back in Minnesota. 

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The perfect dessert for a winter dinner

Last fall I told our son that while old fashion, I wanted a Bundt Pan.  I had been listening to an interview about Nordicware, the company, and thought it might be a nice addition for last minute dinner parties. I'm thrilled to tell you that he gave me one for Christmas. 

Growing up in Minnesota, I'm familiar with the company but have had no need for a Bundt Pan, just one of the many products they make. What I didn't know was that the Bundt pan was invented by David Dalquist in 1950, the co-founder of Nordicware. While not important to juggling professional commitments with midweek entertaining... it's a fun fact worth sharing. 

In the baking community, Bundt's are having a moment.  It's likely a second, or third round of popularity and I'm happy to join the fun!  Over ten days in January we hosted three dinner parties, creating the perfect opportunity to try making a Bundt.  

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Finding inspiration in a digital world

I'm surprised to tell you that most of my magazine and book reading happens on my iPad or iPhone.  Long gone are the days when I was excited to find a copy of a favorite magazine in my mailbox.  I have fond memories of devouring every page of a new magazine while curled up on the sofa, or in my reading chair.

These days, I follow favorites publications on social media and receive updates in my inbox - this lets me slowly roll into the day, or taking a few minutes at the end of any day...  saving a recipe or finding myself inspired by a travel story. I'm always adding to my Pinterest board.

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Summer Days

July is starting with a bang. It's hot!

Since moving from Minnesota, I have become a winter gal, but years ago I preferred summer to the arctic freeze.

I have fond memories of my childhood summers.  Playing in shadows for hours, meadow picnics by Nine Mile Creek, climbing trees, and enjoying homemade ice cream on a blanket in the evening.  Days at Bush Lake, night games, and my dad with his telescope positioned just right, waiting for darkness to fall.

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Creating a Quiet Home

I used to describe life as 'crazy busy.'  Waking up at 5:30AM, lights out around midnight. Packing 30 hours into 24. A happy, healthy family with dreams, a home, and good support network. Loads of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away.

In 2002 we moved from Minneapolis to a tiny suburban town in Nebraska, now annexed into Omaha. We built a full life within five miles of our home. I remember our friends commenting on our decision, often perplexed. Moving from Minneapolis to Omaha gifted us with two hours a day, on the day we moved. It was enough time back that we talked about it, learning to embrace evenings.

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The lasting impact of a good book

Over the weekend I found myself standing in my local bookstore searching for a new cookbook.  One might conclude that I have an addiction since I can't stop reading and buying them.  I'm not worried, there are worse habits.

Modern day publications include personal stories, are filled with knowledge passed from author to reader, stunning photography, and let's not forget... recipes.  I'm happy to report I found a new book to add to my collection, IN THE KITCHEN.

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God Jul

My mother's family is from Sweden. My brother and I are half Swedish.  An important fact for this post, which is half story and half Swedish tradition/folklore.

Open my freezer and you are likely to find kardemummabullar.  My family refers to it simply as 'bulla', a sweet bread.  

A story...
Last year I became friends with a gal who was born and raised in southern Sweden. In addition to being runners and career women, we are both Swedish. 

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