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Just a few books into this project and I have been exposed to a wide variety of traditions throughout our country. By coincidence, and timing, I shared two books on foraging earlier this year. I have been picking books that expose me to a diverse set of traditions, mixed with books for review.

The cookbook I’m sharing today is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A book filled with recipes and stories throughout. I felt transported to a place I have never visited, yet the similarities to Nordic food is there. It’s how we cook food that makes all the difference, sometimes. For example, pan fried potatoes taste completely different when cooked with butter versus bacon fat.

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Green Kitchen Stories

Hello Friends!

A quick life update. Bill’s broken foot it healing well enough to move into normal foot wear, and we hope to have news on our move this week. In less than two weeks we begin the moving process with a company that organizes, removes and donates. I have never used a service to help with this stage of moving but I am looking forward to the help.

I’m also eager to start traveling again. With Bill and I living between two states and a house for sale… personal travel has been paused. First up is a visit with Andrew to explore DC and northern Virginia in June. I’m starting to get the itch to plan another adventure on the trails. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for us.

Are you busy planning summer travel?

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Ruffage: A practical guide to vegetables

Hello friends,

I planted my garden weeks ago, hoping to harvest before we move this summer. The weather has been so cold and gloomy that other than the lettuce… nothing is growing much. I also transplanted from strawberries into containers so they can move with us. Now we need to finalize our housing in Virginia :)

Tomorrow night I will be make one of the recipes below, charred lettuce. I must admit I have never thought to char lettuce - it’s been a wonderful surprise of a recipe.

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Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow

Good morning friends. March was incredibly busy for us and provided little time to blog.

I know some of you thought it would never happen… our home is for sale! We also may have found a home in Virginia, but we are not quite ready to make an offer. In the meantime, I will plant a spring harvest this week, and start preparing the deck/patio for outdoor dining.

Today I’m highlighting a cookbook published late summer 2018. I cook from this one a lot. The recipes are easy to make, nutritious and are… oh so good!

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The Skillful Forager (a book review)

I have fond memories of warm summer days spent outside, as a young girl. Our neighborhood had an abundance of fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and meadows full of honeysuckle and wild berries. I remember knowing who didn’t mind us nibbling from their yards for a midday treat, and who would yell at us.

Rhubarb was always a favorite. At home, my mother would let us dip it into sugar, but while roaming the neighborhood, we encouraged each other to enjoy this sour snack. My friends and I also pulled carrots out of the ground, brushed the dirt off and ate them while hiding in corn stalks. I know the mothers must have been watching us, hopefully with a smile.

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At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

Like a favorite book, read several times, this book tends to move throughout my home. Just last week I was talking to a friend, pulled this cookbook from my shelves, and started flipping the pages while recommending it as a gift. This is the cookbook that has taught me more than any other resource in my kitchen.

This morning, Sunday, I got up, walked Phoebe, made myself a latte and opened Instagram. The first photo I saw was Amy Chaplin announcing she is pregnant. Such joy!

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A New Way to Food

If you come for an overnight stay in our home, you will find a collection of books on the bedside table. From travel to photography to short fiction. I plan to buy a second copy of the cookbook I’m sharing today, it’s a perfect addition for guest reading. I love imaging family and friends flipping through the pages of this book with a cup of tea, reading recipes and stories from the author’s health journey.

“To love yourself is to feed yourself the very best food you can at every meal. “

Maggie Battista has built a full life for herself as an entrepreneur. She’s a writer, owns a shop, and is a Creative Business Coach - so inspiring.

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What Katie Ate

I, like many… (I’m making an assumption here), have been influenced by all things “in the kitchen” over the last decade thanks to social media. Remember when Martha Stewart and Food & Wine were our everything? I used to read through magazines, ripping out pages. I have a binder with splatter marked pages - recipes collected over the years.

I’m excited to share this cookbook with you. It’s one of my favorites. The author has won - WON - a James Beard award in food photography, and has been nominated for one in general cooking.

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The perfect dessert for a winter dinner

Last fall I told our son that while old fashion, I wanted a Bundt Pan.  I had been listening to an interview about Nordicware, the company, and thought it might be a nice addition for last minute dinner parties. I'm thrilled to tell you that he gave me one for Christmas. 

Growing up in Minnesota, I'm familiar with the company but have had no need for a Bundt Pan, just one of the many products they make. What I didn't know was that the Bundt pan was invented by David Dalquist in 1950, the co-founder of Nordicware. While not important to juggling professional commitments with midweek entertaining... it's a fun fact worth sharing. 

In the baking community, Bundt's are having a moment.  It's likely a second, or third round of popularity and I'm happy to join the fun!  Over ten days in January we hosted three dinner parties, creating the perfect opportunity to try making a Bundt.  

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The dessert everyone asks for when visiting Pioneers Lane

Hello friends,

Do you remember life before Pinterest? When you had to be invited to join? It was like entering a secret society. I was SO excited when my invitation arrived. Today it's my go-to place for recipes, design ideas, and travel inspiration.

About a year after moving to Pioneers Lane I became friends with someone who inspired me to try baking from scratch. She suggested starting with a crumble, 'they are easy enough.' It was the push I needed to leap into making vs. buying from the local baker. 

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Finding inspiration in a digital world

I'm surprised to tell you that most of my magazine and book reading happens on my iPad or iPhone.  Long gone are the days when I was excited to find a copy of a favorite magazine in my mailbox.  I have fond memories of devouring every page of a new magazine while curled up on the sofa, or in my reading chair.

These days, I follow favorites publications on social media and receive updates in my inbox - this lets me slowly roll into the day, or taking a few minutes at the end of any day...  saving a recipe or finding myself inspired by a travel story. I'm always adding to my Pinterest board.

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After the party, a recipe

Hello friends,

I want to share one of my favorite go-to recipes with you today.  Simple yet full of flavor, a Creamy Christmas Stew. 

Why a hot stew in summer?

Well... I have a pantry FULL of produce.  A farewell dinner for thirty in our home resulted in a few pounds of potatoes and other vegetables waiting to be eaten. A day later, we cleaned up, and I drove to DC for a professional commitment. A busy week.

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Summer Days

July is starting with a bang. It's hot!

Since moving from Minnesota, I have become a winter gal, but years ago I preferred summer to the arctic freeze.

I have fond memories of my childhood summers.  Playing in shadows for hours, meadow picnics by Nine Mile Creek, climbing trees, and enjoying homemade ice cream on a blanket in the evening.  Days at Bush Lake, night games, and my dad with his telescope positioned just right, waiting for darkness to fall.

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Fowl Cay, Exumas

While in Africa we mingled with a group of people traveling through Tanzania, celebrating 'Tom'.  A mix of professional and personal friends/family on a African safari for his 70th birthday.  This is how we got the idea for Bill's 50th birthday boondoggle.

You may be asking yourself, 'how do they choose just twelve people'....  it started with a list of men playing a significant role in Bill's daily life.  Brothers, friendships spanning 25+ years, the men we rely on to help us, guide us, challenge us.  And their wives.

Where to host such an event?

After considering several US locations we shifted our search to a vacation destination. Reserving Fowl Cay A YEAR in advance.

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Planning a picnic... for fifty?!

Every party needs a theme right?  This was fairly easy decision after shifting from heavy appetizers to a rib competition, it's summer... let's have a picnic, simplified. Red and white! We have paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, gingham linens, white and recycled color paper products/utensils. Mix in some music, wine... it will be a fun night.

I read Handmade Gatherings a few months ago and am using this book to guide our dinner party. Reading Ashley English's approach to party planning has me relaxed, open to accepting help, and enjoying every moment.  confession: I have a mad crush on her chicken coop, and property.

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