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EBC Series: Packing and the Weather

Can you believe we begin our travels to Nepal in five weeks? Thirty something days.  Soon this will be a collection of memories in which to reflect. Photos, videos clips, and stories.  

Last weekend we walked the aisles of REI, trying on hiking pants big enough for layers under while not too big that they fall off on warmer days. I have spent time researching/reading online sources to help us finalize the packing list.  

It doesn't matter if you are packing for a beach vacation or a rugged trek,weather is always a wildcard.

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EBC Series: Staying healthy on the Mountain

Hello lovely friends,

Time is passing quickly. Summer has been filled with social events, dinners, and travel. During our downtime, we hike, research, and plan for October.  Just a few people have been privy to the research and planning phase of our Everest Adventure (which started last fall) - and this weekend marks the seven week countdown!

50 days until my Dad arrives, 54 days until we leave.  We have a lot to do. 

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EBC Series: Training for Everest

Hello Friends,

I live in a hilly area, perfect for a weeknight power walk (with ten pounds in my backpack). A few days ago I was walking up a half mile hill when I passed Annie's house. Exchanging pleasantries, she asked why I was wearing a backpack and wondered why I wasn't running.  Her reaction to my explanation was priceless. I can't tell you how many people want to know why I want to hike Everest.


It's in these moments when it's clear I'm preparing to do something few have on their bucket list. I need to come up with a clever response!

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105th Boston Marathon

I have been listening to Kathrine Switzer interviews all week, which has me feeling nostalgic.  This box represents my 2001 Boston Marathon.  It lives on a shelf, in the hall closet.   I don't think I have ever looked in it, but today feels like a good day to open this box of memories.

Monday's marathon marks the 50th anniversary of her running Boston Marathon as a registered runner.  In the iconic photo below, the race director is trying to pull her off the course.

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A fortnight in London

Can we time travel back a few months, to April?

We traveled to London to run a marathon.  I had just one must see on my list, touring The London Tower.

We planned our trip to arrive a week before the marathon, to adjust to the timezone, and allow time to explore the city. 

Regents Park served as our home base.  We took the red-eye from NYC to London. Bill had meetings within hours of our arrival so I grabbed my umbrella and walked every inch of Regents Park. The flowers were spectacular but expected since this is home to The Queen's Walk. It's absolutely divine.

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2014 NYC Marathon

Hello friends, Grab something to drink, get comfy and enjoy... this is a long post.  If you aren't interested in the details, just skip to the bottom to see how I did.

There are three strategies for most runners on marathon day: to race, to run, to survive.  Looking back on my experience, I was prepared, felt great, I was ready to run.  I have one experience of surviving so I know how rough marathon day can be. I ran the 2014 NYC marahon, as planned.

Getting there

I left the hotel at 7am, walked two blocks, bought a ticket, and jumped on the next train.  Following the crowd off the train, we walked just two minutes to the Staten Island Ferry.

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2011 Ultra Marathon

What am I going to talk about after this weekend?  For months YOU have been training with me so I ask you...are you ready for Saturday? 

  • I have dedicated the run to my friend Eleanor.  Eleanor is a warrior, diagnosed with stage 4 Inflammatory Breast Cancer June 2007.
  • Last January she was trying to earn a place on the US National Women's Kayak Polo Team, balancing cancer treatment and training would be tough but she was ready.
  • She made the team but everything changed after learning she had 30 tumors in her brain. She blogs, 'Results are back.  I do have cancer in my brain.  Lots of it'. 
  • Eleanor continues to defy the odds, finding ways to outwit cancer to stay alive.
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