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Fowl Cay, Exumas

While in Africa we mingled with a group of people traveling through Tanzania, celebrating 'Tom'.  A mix of professional and personal friends/family on a African safari for his 70th birthday.  This is how we got the idea for Bill's 50th birthday boondoggle.

You may be asking yourself, 'how do they choose just twelve people'....  it started with a list of men playing a significant role in Bill's daily life.  Brothers, friendships spanning 25+ years, the men we rely on to help us, guide us, challenge us.  And their wives.

Where to host such an event?

After considering several US locations we shifted our search to a vacation destination. Reserving Fowl Cay A YEAR in advance.

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Planning a picnic... for fifty?!

Every party needs a theme right?  This was fairly easy decision after shifting from heavy appetizers to a rib competition, it's summer... let's have a picnic, simplified. Red and white! We have paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling, gingham linens, white and recycled color paper products/utensils. Mix in some music, wine... it will be a fun night.

I read Handmade Gatherings a few months ago and am using this book to guide our dinner party. Reading Ashley English's approach to party planning has me relaxed, open to accepting help, and enjoying every moment.  confession: I have a mad crush on her chicken coop, and property.

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