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Hello Friends,

What a spring we have had so far…

We were lucky enough to be in DC for Cherry Blossom season. It was absolutely stunning. We also celebrated a close friends 50th birthday in NYC, saw Hamilton and ate at one of my favorite restaurants. Bill bought an electric motorcycle on March 30, broke his foot the next day, and had surgery four days later. We listed our NJ home that same week.

Professionally I have been quietly building a Content Studio since last October, solving a need for a business practice I’m helping build. After six months, it has reached a point of maturity and customer demand that I am moving to a MAC. It’s been a fun project that has me excited to develop new skills.

While technically it is spring, it has been colder than usual in northern New Jersey. Cold enough that I haven’t swapped out my winter wardrobe yet… and I’m loving every minute of this long spring. Bill’s broken foot is healing well. Moving from a scooter and crutches yesterday to a walking boot and cane, his world has opened up. Imagine how much easier traveling will be for him.

Staying close to home has afforded me time to read. I can’t believe I have read 20 books in four months! My favorite to date is Daisy Jones and the Six. I was lucky enough to attend the author’s book release in NYC in February. If you have an option, I recommend listening to this one as the audio experience is wonderful.


Did you buy a copy of THE HOME EDIT the week it published like I did?

As an organizational nut, I am thrilled to find new tips that inspire me to re-think the way we have things organized. Currently, we keep cold/allergy medicine and aspirin in our kitchen and NyQuil in our bathroom. Band-aids live in our bathroom, but the Neosporin is almost always in a kitchen drawer. And… we keep peroxide in both places. It’s a silly system, but for us, we tend to keep items we use regularly in the kitchen.

So… last week I started reorganizing our bathroom contents with our make-shift supply shelf in an upstairs closet. Re-purposing four shelves full of towels, for two people, into one shelf plus three for supplies/medicine. So I’m rethinking everything and am excited to re-organize.

Is it okay to buy plastic if you will use it for years?

I love the organizers on the left - they are clear and let you see what’s inside. They also last for years. As Bill builds a partnership with Terracycle, I am learning more about what I think I’m recycling… but can’t be recycled. So I will embrace the tips in this book while reusing the many plastic bins that I have accumulated over the years. ;)

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