2018 Books in Review

Hello friends,

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I have so many updates to share with you, but they will wait for another time.  Just know that 2018 was filled with more joy than sadness… but the sadness was consuming at times. As we move into a new year, my family is SO READY to see what 2019 has in store.  

As we shift into a new year, let’s take a minute to look wrap up 2018. What was your favorite book read in 2018?

Are there any books you didn’t get a chance to read? I’m surprised I haven’t read any of these three new releases: Unsheltered (Kingsolver), Nine Perfect Strangers (Moriarty), and The Secrets Between Us (Umrigar).

2018 Books in Review

Life somehow was busy enough for me to attend just two book events in NYC. They were wonderful events.

  • The first was in the springtime. To hear Paula McLean read (her new release was Love and Ruin). Click here to read about that event.

  • The second was to attend Reese Witherspoon’s book tour for Whiskey in my Tea Cup, part of Let’s discuss Live. It was a magical all day event. Click here to read the recap.

Looking at goodreads, I read 40 novels last year — two five star, and 17 four-star reviews. I’m happy with this; it means I enjoyed half of what I read.

My top three reads may surprise you!

  • The Dream Daughter: I listened to the audio and let out a gasp, and my eyes welled up near the end. Pure fiction. Just lovely. It was more than I hoped for in a time travel novel.

  • Sold: From my TBR stack, to bring on vacation, this novel reminded me of The Blue Notebook. A dark but essential story. I couldn’t put it down.

  • The Simple Wild: This is a quick light-hearted read, but I was drawn into the landscape. The author did an excellent job describing daily life in an Alaskan town that relies on airplanes to get around.

For 2019, I will create a cookbook folder in goodreads to share what I’m reading/reviewing. I read about twenty a year for the last several years and the trends for 2019 look fascinating. So, watch for these updates as I experiment a bit more.

With gratitude, Mari