Crafting a Patterned Home: a book review


Hello Friends!

Art and design are my first true loves.  I was practically raised in museums, going to art auctions, and spending hours upon hours in a local design studio that sold fine furniture.  Gabberts was my home away from home, at age ten.  Take a walk through my home and you will find an eclectic mix of high end, local, handmade, and DIY with a sprinkle of IKEA/Target accessories.

Roost Books publish lifestyle books that aim to inspire. Spend a few minutes on their website and you will see that I fit into their target audience. I recently learned that their headquarters is in Boulder, a city I visit annually.  Hopefully I will be able to stop in and visit next summer.

Crafting a Patterned Home (Mar 8, 2018) is a lovely book. Visually stunning! 


Synopsis: Jump into the world of pattern–get a crash course on the types of patterns and how they are made; learn how to gain inspiration and ideas from a variety of sources; explore ways of pairing different patterns together; and make patterns of your own to embellish your home.

Kristin Nicholas takes us through her unique and dynamic farmhouse–and into her pottery studio and surrounding fields–and shares one-of-a-kind projects along the way. From a Geometric Striped Tablecloth for the kitchen to a Ceramic Tile Fireplace Surround in the library and a Printed Polka Dot Pillow for the bedroom, you’ll discover both bold and subtle ways to add pattern to your home. Full of inspiration, and with bright photographs throughout, this is a vibrant guide to creating a home that sings with handmade touches

She lives on Leyden Glen Farm, a working sheep farm in western Massachusetts, with her husband and daughter.


My thoughts:  I have an copy of this book on my ipad and love it so much that I have preordered a physical book.  I felt like I was being hugged while flipping through  the pages. 

I appreciate how the book is organized, including:

  • Color (how colors work together)
  • Embroidery projects to personalize your home
  • Room by room guide: indoor and outdoor, with ideas to inspire
  • DIY projects from stitching to painting, color blocking and printing.

There are a few projects that interest me.  The photo to the left is inspiring.  I bought a lazy Susan a few years ago, plain wood and waiting to be loved. After reading this book, I have decided to get creative and to paint it.   

My home is calm, full of neutrals... with the exception of one room that is SO colorful.  The walls are covered in patterns like you see in this post.  I long for the courage to be so bold with my design!