I Adore French Films


Hello friends,

I can't believe it's July. July fourth is just days away. 

Are you familiar with the concept 'leading through disruption?' A change maker for business, it's playing havoc on our quiet existence on Pioneers Lane.  Since my last post, we have decided to move again, planned and hosted a weekend bash in Minnesota, and traveled to Switzerland. (photo above: Charlie Chaplin by the lake)

While in Switzerland, I was talking with a gal who is also struggling to learn French.  French, not German, is the language spoken around Lake Geneva.

Confession: I can't speak a word of French even though I have taken classes, watched movies, and spent hours with Rosetta Stone. With Rosetta Stone, I can't pass the second exam, which requires saying "oeuf."

Oeuf. Egg. Do you see the humor in this being the word I can't master?  I haven't eaten an egg since I was ten. 

While at dinner Rachel mentioned that, ten months after moving to Vevey, she still cannot yet hear words. That this beautiful language alludes her.  We talked about learning a second language as an adult, how hard it can be.  For me, thanks to Rosetta Stone, I can read it at a middle school level but do not have the confidence to speak.  AWK! 

A few of my favorite movies

Above are a few of my favorite French movies.  Romantics Anonymous helped me hear the break between words.  It's a moment I will never forget.  I adore these movies - regardless if whether you are looking to learn the language or just looking to enjoy a sweet film, I recommend these titles:

There is an added benefit to watching foreign movies - they require no multitasking.  Being in the moment, reading along. I'm always looking for movie recommendations, regardless of the language.  

Have a wonderful Sunday. 

With gratitude, Mari