Happy Merry Meraki


Hello lovely friends,

Happy New Year.  It's a day that is celebrated around the globe, with cheers to new beginnings, prosperity and good health.  I hope you look back on 2017 with fondness, and are ready for a joyous 2018. 

Do you set new year resolutions, or intentions? Or maybe take inventory of your current self and focus on exploration/personal growth?  When I was fourteen I gave up chocolate for a year, except for green M&M's (I can't explain why, let's just go with it).  In July I was gifted a coffee mug full of green M&M's on my birthday... I was told it took pounds of chocolate to fill the mug. Can you believe I managed to eat only one coffee mug of green M&M's for an entire year?

Last week I mentioned I'm going to dedicate an entire year to discovery.  Picking a one word intention to guide me.  To rebuild my bucket list and trying new things. 

Meraki :  doing something with soul, creativity, or love

I am starting a new life chapter this year after crossing off my last tough and physical challenge from my bucket list.  Meraki is the perfect word to influence my family life, professional development and personal creativity.  

For a winter I have created a list focused on creativity and embracing the season.


No. 1

Learn a new skill. A few months ago I saw this book in my IG feed, Inkspired. The book that left me wanting to learn the modern art of writing.  To brush up on my handwriting with curves and edges.  

I started practicing a few weeks ago and can tell you it will take time to perfect this new skill.

No 2

Clean living.  It's good to start the new year with a cleanse of sorts.  For me, this means thirty days of 100% healthy. 

We stepped away from our daily routine in October when we hiked in Nepal.  November was a month of recovering from the hike, followed by December.... parties, too many meals, too little time for fitness.

No. 3

Good old fashion 'culture.'  We are in the midst of a deep freeze as I write this, so it's only fitting to add watch a classic, watch a foreign film, and read a 'door stopper' (a 500+ page novel) to my winter list.

No. 4

Make something.  Yesterday I rolled skeins of yarn, some of which comes from the sheep at Stone Barns. I also found a new hat pattern that I hope turns out.  It's a simple hat with children's sizing that I had to convert to adult.  Wish me luck!

No. 5

Home.  We bought a home full of someone else's belongings and moved in with our own.  For the next six years, we collected treasures while traveling the world.  Visiting over 50 countries.

I'm thrilled to say we are stepping into 2018 sans the "Frank and Barbara Collection"!  This is a story for another day - I promise to share this soon.  Our home has been transformed over the last year, shifting from their style to what I might say is now Global infused European Simplicity

Over the next few months I will pack our holiday up with care and continue to curate our home with homemade, Maker supported simplicity.

Several years ago I offered items via facebook/blog first, and/or donating to local outreach (not for resale) before visiting The Goodwill.  With a growing desire for recycling with intention I will offer ship-able items on IG Stories first. Thanks to Amelia Barlett and Jillian Harris for awakening this buried interest.

I look forward to a year of discovery, compassion, and adding to my almost empty bucket list.  I'm confident it will fill quickly, it's taken me only two months to add five items to the list.  From hiking in Moab Utah to refining my 10K skills.  I have picked a race to train for later this year.  Still running, with joy and no pressure vs. months of training. I know I promised everyone London Marathon (2016) was my last, but I would be lying if I said I never want to train again. 

What are you looking forward to this year?  Do you have any book or movie recommendations?

~ with love and gratitude, Mari

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