Finding inspiration in a digital world

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Hello Friends,

It may surprise you to learn that most of my magazine and book reading happens on my iPad. Long gone are the days when I was excited to find a copy of a favorite magazine in my mailbox, making time to read and devour every page while curled up on the sofa, or in my reading chair. 

These days, I follow favorites publications on social media and receive updates in my inbox. This lets me slowly roll into the day, or taking a few minutes at the end of any day...  saving a recipe or finding myself inspired by a travel story. I'm always adding to my Pinterest board. 

A list of my must follows

If your interests overlap with mine, you might discover a few new resources worth adding to your must read/follow list.  


I'm wildly smitten with visual imagery.  Below are a few ladies that inspire me beyond their photography.  I'm intrigued by what they are doing: 

  • Soule Mama is the Taproot editor in chief's personal blog.  Have you seen her homestead?!
  • Valdirose is a B&B in Florence Italy.  So dreamy that I find myself being influenced by their lifestyle.  This isn't a surprise though... we dream of running a small lake resort someday.
  • Country Road Living: It brings me a tiny bit of joy to follow creators before they are published.  This gal is in the process of publishing a book.  She shares photo sessions and editing via stories.  

If only I could blend these three women's efforts to create something uniquely special. 


Here are a few magazines I read and keep. 

  • Chalkboard Magazine: an online lifestyle magazine I visit weekly. 
  • Taproot: a quarterly publication focused on food, farm, family and craft. 
  • Edible Communities: I subscribe to several cities.  I adore this community!
  • Willow and Sage: focuses on homemade products. Each issue is filled with content.  Bella Grace is a sister magazine that is equally wonderful.  It reminds you to slow down and savor every season of life. 
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Shortly after moving to NJ I discovered the modern cookbook, part memoir/storytelling, part recipe sharing.  The social media revolution has created an explosion in this category.

Here are just a few authors who have left an imprint on me:

I would be remiss in not sharing one of the places/persons who has had a lasting influence,  Dan Barber and Stone Barns.  My instagram feed is filled with photos from my visits to this special place.  

Tomorrow I will visit Stone Barns for the Taste of Fall.  I can't wait to walk the fields and meet the farmers, but first I need to survive tonight's dinner party. 

With gratitude, Mari