18 day countdown: I'm looking for book recommendations


Leaves are falling from Birch trees and acorns are lining hiking trails. Apple picking season begins this weekend. Fall is coming.

A friend and I went on an eleven-mile hike over the weekend; we hiked for five hours!  Plenty of time to catch up with a summer's worth of stories while searching for hidden waterfalls. My friend found herself collecting acorns and heart shaped leaves along the trail. I like to imagine she has a collection of hiking treasures in her kitchen or a quiet reading nook. I'm thinking of her next creative project, a possible 'flat lay' in her future. 

We leave in less than twenty days! I'm busy getting the house ready for guests, preparing food, gathering our trek gear, writing a list of last minute items we need to procure, and most importantly.. finding a few books to bring with me. 

I'm searching for a great book

When we climbed Kilimanjaro, I had a copy of The Odyssey in my pack.  I didn't even open the book but... I did listen to Rob Lowe's autobiography and a few other books while spending hours on the dirt, back roads of Tanzania (reading wasn't an option). 

For this trek, I am planning to load my iPhone 7 with books, a mix of audio and written.  Have you read any great/must reads worth recommending?

Are you looking for a good book?

Without visiting goodreads, I have enjoyed a few books worth mentioning:  

The Jane Austen Project: This is a wildly fiction about two scientists traveling back to 1815. They hope to meet Jane Austen and find an unpublished novel while not impacting the future. It's a fun book with a satisfying end.

Lincoln in the Bardo: A National Book Award nominee, set in 1862.  I recommend listening to this one.  Set in a cemetery, the residents tell their stories, how they arrived in graves while Lincoln grieves the death of his young son.  It's one of my favorite books read this year and unlike anything you have read.  

The Light we Lost:  What would you do if you received a call that your first love listed you as their Power of Attorney?  This book will tug at your heart; a love story unfolds over the pages. I read this book in two days. 

I also read a few stinkers this summer.  Feel free to pass on The Turner Family and The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. 

I'm always looking for books and would love to hear from you.  Have you read a great book, or have a book on your list that you can't wait to read?

Now I must get back to packing.  It's quite a project.

Happy reading.