Bookworm with a View

Once upon a time, a much younger me challenged myself to read a book a month.  I was finishing up college, and missed reading for pleasure. 

I remember buying a small spiral bound notebook, and recording the books I read over the years. Eventually the notebook found a permanent home, in a drawer, by a favorite reading chair. 

Then the internet arrived and someone created GoodReads (thank you, thank you) 

My reading addiction... the short version

I like to call myself a recovering Dyslexic. Somehow I made it through sixth grade never reading a novel and struggling in school. I was diagnosed the summer after sixth grade when I was caught writing a book report based solely on the book jacket summary.  I attended months of 'brain training,' and thankfully my school district offered a curriculum to meet my development needs. I quickly caught up and read my first novel within a year, a book called Scruffy that I purchased at the five and dime.

2002-2010: I managed a book club for a local women’s organization with over 200 members. 

2008 - 2010: I wrote a monthly column for Omaha.Net.  A wonderful experience, being published, until we moved out of state. 

2009-2013: Host of the Manic Mommies Book Club.  A virtual book club, discussing books with authors.  (click here to listen to author interviews)  We read and discussed over 40 books with authors.

2008 - 2014: I hosted a book blog, Bookworm with a View. Posting over 400 book reviews.

2010 - Present: I review books for Roost and a few other publishers via NetGalley.  

Reading is the thread connecting all of my interests

Travel, history, fitness/nutrition, personal stories/memoirs, fashion/design, and everything in between. I enjoy reading literary fiction, women’s literature, memoirs, self-help/journey, cookbooks and historical novels.  Recently I have found a fondness for travel fiction/memoirs, getting to experience cultures through the written word.

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