Malmo Sweden (Nordics Part V)

Malmo is our last stop before starting our journey home.  Overwhelmed with experiences and joy from reconnecting with family, if I can be honest... we are exhausted.

I am in a new city before 9 AM, with hours to explore while Bill has a day of meetings. I haven't found Kardemmome seeds yet so this is first on my list.  You can buy the spice ground in the U.S., but most of the flavor is gone.  I remember my Grandmother baking with Kardemmome pods bought in Sweden (they resemble the vanilla bean), opening the pods to gather seeds for baking. 

After I find a market and buy a year's worth of the spice, I will explore and see as much as I can in about four hours time.

Let's recap the last few days:

  • Saturday we woke up in Switzerland, traveling to Geneva and flying to Stockholm
  • Tuesday we drove from Stockholm to Vastervik, had some car trouble to deal with before continuing on to Copenhagen
  • Wednesday we explored Copenhagen
  • Thursday we are back in Sweden. Bill has a day of business in Malmo.  We have a business dinner in the evening.
  • Friday we travel to Geneva
  • Saturday we travel home

This old town is simply sweet.  Every village/city I get to explore is unique, from different cultures to nuance. Malmo is no exception. 

Romanian beggars were commonplace in Stockholm and Malmo since joining the EU in 2007. I was shocked to see them everywhere and did some research to understand 'why'. You see them sitting on every bridge/bike rack, every street corner.

In Malmo, I saw someone almost blocking the entrance to a shopping area (just that they were sitting so close to the door). The border to Denmark is strict, and once in Copenhagen, you see no migrants. None.

Very sad, most have a photo of family and a collection basket. While no longer living in fear, this cannot be a reality anyone expected. I felt helpless passing them. 

The slideshow continues with seven amazing photos


The next day we are driving from Malmo to Copenhagen and flying to Geneva.

We are off to the Geneva Auto Show, guests of Koenigsegg.  We stopped in to see their car display, had lunch, and enjoyed one last night in Geneva.  We are flying home the next day.

Finally I must share a photo of Bill and the Koenigsegg he wants to buy. It's a four year wait list so I'm not worried. And... do you know anyone with a spare $4M to spend on a car? ;)


What an amazing trip. Time is always needed to decompress and reflect on new memories.  It's part of the reason why I give myself a month to write these stories.

Talking with Andrew last night, he mentioned my travel style has a few similarities with backpackers exploring the world on a dime.  I'm always traveling on foot/public transportation, with a daypack, tea, PB&J sandwich, and fruit. Seldom spend a dollar during the days - I struggle to justify a $20 salad.  I quickly learned to always travel with a jar of peanut butter and thermos after enjoying a $27 bowl of tomato soup for lunch in Sydney. 

  • Visiting four countries, and seven cities in 15 days.
  • Taking over 1,000 photos, narrowed to 865, sharing about 50.
  • Staying in a mix of 3 and 5 star hotels.
  • Reconnecting with family members lost due to divorce when I was young.
  • Making new friends (who already plan to visit in June)
  • Traveling on five flights, ten trains, an auto ferry and a road trip.
  • Visiting two Royal Palaces, five castles, a monastery,
  • Experiencing an authentic Nordic Spa

These are just a few of the experiences collected on our Nordic Holiday.