Three days in Singapore

Hello friends,

Today I'm excited to tell you about a recent trip to Singapore, part one of a 16-day adventure in China.  We traveled from NYC to Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, and Ningbo.

First Stop: Singapore

  • Our flight path to Singapore brought us over the north pole, over Russia, China, and landing in Hong Kong, where we missed our connecting flight by a few minutes.  A few hours later we flew on a local airline to Singapore...
  • Singapore is a young country, turning 50 this year.  It reminded me a bit of George Jetson's world.

A cultural melting pot which makes for an exciting visit.

{Photo from Google Images}

While the World Traveler was on business, in air conditioning, and I was outside exploring.   It was very hot while we were there, nearly 100 degrees and humid!

Buddha Tooth Relic: This was my first time seeing/entering a Buddhist Temple.  Stepping into the Temple brings an immediate calmness.  I didn't want to leave.

Next up was a Hindu Temple:  I saw photos online and knew I needed to see it.  I wasn't able to take photos inside but was able to watch a midday service/celebration.  It has a bit of a circus atmosphere. 

The Singapore Botanical Gardens.  I like to walk everywhere, for three reasons: exercise, taking in the feel of the city/spontaneous sightseeing, and safety.  I walked four miles to the SBG.  Walking to the SBG let me experience a little taste for NYC Singapore style.  They have a fashion district, and something similar to Fifth Avenue.  It was an enjoyable walk.

Chinatown: The next day I walked to Chinatown. Sampling street food, taking new streets to Chinatown, then crossing the city to Little India.

Marina Sands:  On our last night in Singapore we enjoyed watching the sunset from the floor 57. 

Singapore wrap up: If you have a chance to visit Singapore, do it.  It's a great walkable city, with plenty of sights to see.  Don't forget to stop by the Raffles Hotel, to enjoy a Singapore Sling.   

Next stop: Shanghai

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