A Swiss Getaway

Hello everyone!

I'm back from another extended holiday in Switzerland, and boy did I have a wonderful time exploring new places.

Look closely at this photo - can you see the small lighthouse, with a bench, at the end of the pier? One morning I was sitting on the bench to watch the sunrise over the mountain top and was startled by a naked woman.  She stood up to dress after taking a swim in the lake. I'm not sure who was surprised more, me or the lady swimmer.  When I started walking back I passed the woman, in a sundress, sitting on a blanket, smoking, and talking with a friend.

With temperatures ten degrees (f) warmer than usual, in September, locals were enjoying every minute, swimming in the lakes, fountains, sitting in the sun, BBQ's at sunset, and more.  Even I jumped into the lake for a swim! Sorry to disappoint... I stepped out of dry clean only shorts but left everything else on :). 

A lunch date in Zurich

Imagine taking the train for 2.5 hours to meet someone, enjoy lunch and a stroll through a new city.  I met Kim through a virtual running group while training for the London Marathon.

In addition to spending the day getting to know each other, Kim provided a lovely walking tour through old town.  We walked through churches, local shops, buying tea grown in the Alps, and meeting a woman who makes/sells schnapps.


  • This wasn't my first trip to Evian but I wanted to see the Evian Springs and learn about the history of this village.  
  • If you search 'legend of the rider and the hermit' you can read the complete story but Cachet Source, which might be magical. Bring a container, or six, to fill. There are two fountains close together, this is Cachet Spring. There was a constant line of locals getting water during my visit.
  • Did you know, unless labeled, you can drink from every fountain throughout all of Switzerland?
  • As I walk the streets of old European villages I often wonder who lived in villages 200+ years ago.  Was life simple yet hard or simple and quiet?

Rochers De Naye

A friend and I had lunch at the summit on day and found this amazing Alps trek, 2,000 meters above Montreux.  Next spring Bill and I will take the funicular to this landing (left), and hike three hours to the summit.  Look at the trail system, amazing.  This is a hidden gem that I can't wait to experience.

Fairy Cave 

  • My neighbor has been asking me to visit St Maurice for years, I finally made it!
  • Legend says...  a gracious and good fairy named Frisette had her palace in the cave. She was protecting the noble Dunn Family.
  • Fountain of the Fairies: Place your left hand in the lower fountain, make a wish but never share it, and express gratitude to the nymph on another visit. Can you see the woman in green?
  • After a 504 meter walk into the mountain, I reached the underground lake. It's cold here (49F), there is a little ice on the tunnel walls leading to the lake. Now to find my way out!
  • You might notice that Magic and Legend surround Lake Geneva. From sea nymphs and fairies to the mountain tops.

My must see and weekend adventure list keeps growing.  Next spring I hope to hike CinqueTerre Italy, and visit Milan. Both are just four hours from Vevey.