A glimpse of our experience on the trail

Hello all,

We have been home from our trip to Nepal for a month; this hardly seems possible.  Getting to Everest Base Camp was the last physical challenge/adventure on my bucket list.  Added in the late 90's, you can imagine what it feels like to cross this off my list.  The experience has exceeded all expectations.

I was in awe every minute of every day. From simply standing in the Himalaya's, to drinking in nature's beauty, the local life, and feeling the Buddhist faith.  

It's surreal to think I have been to Base Camp.  A month later it's still all we talk about (at home).

Today I would like to share a video from our trek.  It's packed with photos and video moments.

The photo above is one of my favorite moments on the trail.  The trail entrance to the Monastery, high in the clouds.  These are old Stupa's, with prayers presented on stone tablets.  Wishes to the gods. 

Click here to view if the video doesn't work.

The video doesn't capture are the emotions of joy and struggles we encountered along the way. I can tell you it was mentally and physically exhausting - but I am forever grateful for the experience.