At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

Like a favorite book, read several times, this book tends to move throughout my home. Just last week I was talking to a friend, pulled this cookbook from my shelves, and started flipping the pages while recommending it as a gift. This is the cookbook that has taught me more than any other resource in my kitchen.

This morning, Sunday, I got up, walked Phoebe, made myself a latte and opened Instagram. The first photo I saw was Amy Chaplin announcing she is pregnant. Such joy!

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A New Way to Food

If you come for an overnight stay in our home, you will find a collection of books on the bedside table. From travel to photography to short fiction. I plan to buy a second copy of the cookbook I’m sharing today, it’s a perfect addition for guest reading. I love imaging family and friends flipping through the pages of this book with a cup of tea, reading recipes and stories from the author’s health journey.

“To love yourself is to feed yourself the very best food you can at every meal. “

Maggie Battista has built a full life for herself as an entrepreneur. She’s a writer, owns a shop, and is a Creative Business Coach - so inspiring.

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Tales from a Forager's Kitchen

I received this book from a friend a few months ago. A cookbook pulled from the shelves quickly after being published, due to foraging safety concerns. Having read the book, I wonder if it would have remained on bookshelves if it was a memoir — the sharing of family stories as opposed to being sold as a cookbook. The pages are filled with stories, reminding us to press and display leaves, take walks in nature, tips to grow plants, recipes, etc..

Foraging controversy aside, this book is filled with recipes familiar to me. Hunting is a cornerstone of life in Minnesota. Since moving to the east coast, we haven’t had anyone share pheasant or venison with us, fresh maple syrup or a bushel of just picked apples. I don’t know anyone who cans food here.

The stories and recipes in this book are so familiar to me.

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What Katie Ate

I, like many… (I’m making an assumption here), have been influenced by all things “in the kitchen” over the last decade thanks to social media. Remember when Martha Stewart and Food & Wine were our everything? I used to read through magazines, ripping out pages. I have a binder with splatter marked pages - recipes collected over the years.

I’m excited to share this cookbook with you. It’s one of my favorites. The author has won - WON - a James Beard award in food photography, and has been nominated for one in general cooking.

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Oh She Glows Every Day

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is settling into January, life returning to a normal pace. For my family this means travel, registering for school, running, getting ready to move, and… continuing to build/refine my kitchen skills. My thirty-year-old self would be shocked to learn I enjoy cooking so much!

Can I tell you a secret? Just after Christmas I told my family I’m going to give Vegan a try, for the month of January. I know this doesn’t sound like a huge leap since I do not eat eggs or meat… BUT, I love cheese, and I can’t imagine starting my day without a whole milk latte!

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2018 Books in Review

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I have so many updates to share with you, but they will wait for another time.  Just know that 2018 was filled with more joy than sadness… but the sadness was consuming at times. As we move into a new year, my family is SO READY to see what 2019 has in store.  

As we shift into a new year, let’s take a minute to look wrap up 2018. What was your favorite book read in 2018?

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A book (event) brings life to a new project

In 2002, I inherited about a hundred photo albums.  A photo archive, for one side of my family, dating back to the 1800’s.  As a child, these albums were a must see during family visits.  I remember having three favorites albums as a child… I especially liked the 1950-60’s. Three years ago I decided to go through all the albums, toss the duplicates, blurry photos, and photos of complete strangers. My grandparent’s lives spread out on the floor of a guest room, building a storybook with photographs spanning more than a hundred years.

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I finally ran a Ragnar!

I have been interested in running a Ragnar race for years - unable to overcome the race logistics (12 runners, two vans, drivers, etc..) I accepted that I will likely never experience this race.  If only because I don't know enough people who run. 

That all changed earlier this year when I saw a post on Facebook mentioning that a team needed a runner.  This was my chance!

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Celebrating Thirty Years

Years ago, Bill planned a surprise getaway for our tenth anniversary. One we will never forget.  Coordinating everything, he picked me up at work, surprising me with an evening out.  We drove two hours to a Farm to Table Spa.

One awkward moment. One funny moment

  1. Dinner was served family style, roasted chicken, in owners kitchen. I'm a vegetarian...

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Jack's Basket

Hello friends! 

I'm busy catching up from early summer, with a few stories worth sharing.

Last winter, shortly after returning from Nepal, we started talking about a weekend celebration in June.  Our original idea was to visit Cinque Terre.  We would be in Switzerland and add a week to explore Italy.  Sadly, the trip was canceled just weeks later, so we decided to celebrate with friends back in Minnesota. 

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I Adore French Films

Are you familiar with the concept 'leading through disruption?' A change maker for business, it's playing havoc on our quiet existence on Pioneers Lane.  Since my last post, we have decided to move to Northern Virginia, planned and hosted a weekend bash in Minnesota, and traveled to Switzerland. (photo above: Charlie Chaplin by the lake)

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A night with Paula McLain

Hello friends,

It's no secret that I'm an avid reader and enthusiast of the industry. Sadly, I hardly take advantage of living so close to NYC and all of the social events available to me. So....

A few months ago, while watching a movie with my iPad in my lap (catching up on all things social media), I read a post from a friend mentioning that Paula McLain was coming to NYC.  She was publishing a new novel, and I had not been in the city in a few months, so I bought a ticket that night.

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Crafting a Patterned Home: a book review

Hello Friends!

Art and design are my first true loves.  I was practically raised in museums, going to art auctions, and spending hours upon hours in a local design studio that sold fine furniture.  Gabberts was my home away from home, at age ten.  Take a walk through my home and you will find an eclectic mix of high end, local, handmade, and DIY with a sprinkle of IKEA/Target accessories.

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Turkish Delight on a Moonlit Night

We traveled to Nepal via Istanbul in October, our first time back since 2013. Oh, how this place has changed.

The photo above is the location of one of our top five travel stories, which happened on Istiklal Caddesi (Independence Street). An unplanned moment that most can't believe we experienced.  

I will never forget Bill telling me that he couldn't wait for me to experience Istanbul. The contrasts of Istanbul are disruptive but strikingly intriguing. Palaces and mosques in random neighborhoods, stray cats wander the alleys of the most beautiful sights, and the voices of the morning prayers chant through empty pathways trimmed with the trash of the food merchant's shops of a busy yesterday.

Welcome to the Orient!

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And the winner is...

Crisp evenings turn to snowy days, inspiring warm, homemade meals. That's what I think of when I hear the word Chili. 

I remember the day I was introduced to Chili like it was yesterday.  I was a senior in high school - at a friends house.  The father was making a batch on the stove, filled with hamburger I had to wait another decade before trying this dish for the first time.

Much like the avocado, which I didn't try until 2006, I have been enjoying Chili on occasion ever since. 

I am a consumer of other creatives originals.  From knitting patterns to recipes.  Sometime over the last few months I stumbled on  Under a Tin Roof when they were moving from one place to another, and happened to be giving a live property tour on Instagram.  I adore everything about this mother/daughter duo.  The honesty and openness of sharing their daily life: learning new land, creating a CSA, decorating a home, crafting and creating meals from produce they grew, harvested and stored.

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The perfect dessert for a winter dinner

Last fall I told our son that while old fashion, I wanted a Bundt Pan.  I had been listening to an interview about Nordicware, the company, and thought it might be a nice addition for last minute dinner parties. I'm thrilled to tell you that he gave me one for Christmas. 

Growing up in Minnesota, I'm familiar with the company but have had no need for a Bundt Pan, just one of the many products they make. What I didn't know was that the Bundt pan was invented by David Dalquist in 1950, the co-founder of Nordicware. While not important to juggling professional commitments with midweek entertaining... it's a fun fact worth sharing. 

In the baking community, Bundt's are having a moment.  It's likely a second, or third round of popularity and I'm happy to join the fun!  Over ten days in January we hosted three dinner parties, creating the perfect opportunity to try making a Bundt.  

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