Daughter, sister, friend. Wife, mother, dog lover. 

I love spending time outside, reading, decorating, and am a lifelong vegetarian. Some know me only as a party planner, baker and globetrotter. 

In 2010, after years of thoughtful planning, my husband and I shifted from a quiet life to one filled with global and cultural experiences.  Turning dreams into reality, I'm living a life based on experiences vs. things, being instead of having.

We live on four acres of wooded land, backing to a river and a protected forest.  It's here where I tend to a tiny vegetable garden, a few fruit trees and containers for herbs.

It's a small life, but one that's full of adventure and joy.

Living Slow

For my family, it was a slow, organic, natural process... shifting from busy career days to a retreat/quiet pace in the evenings/weekends.

In 2002, we made a decision to simplify our lives.

With work/life balance issues reaching a tipping point, we moved from a city with three million people to improve our quality of life.

We have been living slow for 15 years.

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