In the summer of 2019, we packed our bags and moved to northern Virginia. We live with our dogs on three acres in a bend of the Potomac River. Once a dairy farm, it’s now a pasture and woodland. It’s all very southern (to us), complete with a white picket fence and a covered front porch. ;)

Life in Chapters

In 2002, we made a decision to simplify our lives.

Our nine-mile commute took 45 minutes each way, and work/family balance had reached a tipping point. When my husband was offered a job in a small Midwestern town, we jumped at the chance to improve our quality of life. So, we moved from a city with three million people, and I started working remotely. For my family, it was an organic, natural process... shifting from busy career days to a retreat/quiet pace in the evenings/weekends.

2010 - 2017, the globetrotting years

Moving to New Jersey offered us a chance to own acres of land and travel abroad for a few months each year. My dreams to explore the world were achieved, and exceeded all expectations. I was lucky enough to visit dozens of countries, and experience most as a local.


Professional / Volunteer

I am an accomplished business manager with a strategic/innovative focus, strong leadership and proven success building new organizations. Visit my Linkedin profile to learn more about me.

Books. Books. Books.

From 2008 - 2014 I reviewed books, interviewed authors, and hosted book events. Click here to learn more.